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Preventing Water in Diesel Fuel




The Water Watch trap unit very efficiently removes water from the fuel and retains it in the glass bowl, where it is immediately detected initiating the warning systems. 

The capacity of the unit allows plenty of time to safely stop, investigate and drain the water watch unit.

The action of the separation system also effectively removes and retains even small particles from the fuel, allowing these to be inspected in the clear glass bowl and removed.

Water Watch is patented and can prevent contaminated fuel from damaging your vehicle. 

There is a Water Watch for all applications and it can be optioned with the added protection of shut down or back to base warning capability.


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water in diesel water in diesel water in diesel  water in diesel 
water in diesel water in diesel water in diesel  water in diesel
water in diesel water in diesel  water in diesel   water in diesel


Water Watch  detects and removes even the smallest amounts of water in diesel before it enters the fuel system without restriction to flow. 

Brackets kits available to suit many 4wd applications

Water Watch has lifetime warranty. 


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