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Responsive Fuel Lubricant & Conditioner

                                                                  Responsive Engineering Australia

Responsive Fuel Additve & Conditoner

* Increased diesel fuel lubricity

* Reduces injector noise

* Improves fuel consumption

* Optimises vehicle performance

* Anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial protection

• Suitable for all diesel fuel systems, especially Common Rail Diesels

• Specially designed bottle measures, has an applicator and will fit in door pockets making it very convenient.

• One 150ml bottle of Responsive treats around 15 tanks or at least 1200 litres of diesel. Highly concentrated formula.

• No dispersants – dispersants cause water to combine with diesel so that it cannot be removed before it damages the fuel system.

• Protects fuel system components against contaminated fuels.

• Cleans and lubricates all fuel system components resulting in less wear and longer life.



Australian Diesel has very low sulphur content to comply with our emissions standards.  As a result there is no lubrication in the fuel which can result in engine wear and combined with our poor storage of fuels results in contaminated fuels further impacting on vehicles performance and longevity.


Responsive Engineering has developed a fuel additive specifically designed to keep Common Rail Diesels performing like new. 


Responsive Diesel Fuel Lubricant and Conditioner lubricates moving parts and provides anti-corrosion protection for diesel fuel pumps, injectors and all fuel system components.  The product includes an anti-bacterial biocide and does not contain hygroscopic dispersants which is often found in major brands of fuel lubricants allowing water to flow past filters and water detection units where it causes catastrophic damage in diesel vehicles.


Responsive Fuel Additive can quieten rattly injectors, reduce emissions, and improve fuel consumption and overall performance of your vehicle.  We’ve designed the bottle to fit into the door pocket so it’s always in the vehicle and the concentrated formula of 150ml will treat up to 2400 litres of fuel.


Responsive Fuel Additive & Conditioner

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