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Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm
Water Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm
Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm

Water Watch suitable for 4WD applications

Water Watch suitable for small automotive applications and industrial engines.

What is Water Watch?

Responsive Engineering specialises in "Water Watch" and other innovative fuel system products.

  • Modern diesel fuel systems have become more precise, they operate with higher pressures and supply a very accurate delivery of fuel, this enables better performance, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

  • Water is one of the main causes of damage to fuel system components. It can cause parts to seize due to poor lubrication; it will also produce rust and corrosion to internal metal areas which inturn causes pump and injector damage. This problem is even more relevant to late model electronic and common rail vehicles.​

  • The Water Watch trap assembly will assist in detecting and removing water in the vehicles fuel supply prior to it entering the fuel system. It is capable of detecting very small amounts of free water, bringing on a LED warning light and audible warning. Water Watch will also collect debris and particulates in the glass bowl along with any water that has come from your fuel supply.​

  • Water Watch is not a filter, so it does not cause any restriction to fuel pressure or flow. Filters are designed to capture particles. If the fuel can pass through a filter, so can water when under the pressures found in Common Rail Diesels.​

  • Water Watch does not replace your vehicles genuine filter assembly, and is fitted prior to the factory fitted filter unit to provide a warning should any water come from your fuel tank, before it enters the vehicle fuel system.​

  • "Water Watch" models can be fitted to marine, industrial and automotive applications, up to approximately 18 Litre capacity.​

  • Water Watch can be optioned with the added protection of shut down or back to base warning capability.

  • Talk to the Responsive Engineering specialists about your application and they will be able to calculate which model will be suitable for you.​

  • If you would like your unit professionally fitted there are a growing number of Water Watch distributors who can attend to your needs - see our list on our web site to locate someone convenient for you.

Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm

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Site Title

                WW 20072

200 x 160 x 100mm

                WW 40072

150 x 110 x 65mm
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