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What to do when the Water Watch Alarm goes off?


If this alarm activates after the initial pre-check alarm or during normal operation STOP THE ENGINE as soon as it is safe to do so and follow these simple instructions. Read the instructions fully before proceeding to drain.

Check visually for water in the glass bowl.

It may be difficult to see the water. We recommend as a precaution to proceed with draining the Water Watch bowl - the sensor is very accurate, the water may be dispersed within the fuel.

1. Unplug electrical plug (1) on sensor from the wiring harness.

2. Unscrew sensor (2) and remove momentarily to allow water to flush from bowl. Fluids should drain from glass bowl very quickly. (Bleeder/Banjo bolt may be loosened if draining is slow)

3. When liquid has drained, carefully re-tighten the sensor screw - 90 degrees after ‘O’ Ring (3) makes contact.

Warning - Do Not Over-tighten Sensor - see notes on page 19


4. Reattach the electrical plug (1) to wiring harness.

5. Prime the engine’s fuel system (refer to owner’s manual).


6. Check that no further water is entering the glass bowl and Water Watch warning ceases to sound alarm after pre-check.


Note : When you start the engine again the Water Watch will re-set and sound it’s alarm for 1- 7 seconds, If you do not hear the alarm on starting the engine Water Watch is not working properly and should be checked.

7. If no more water is evident and/or alarm warning sounds again, this will indicate more water in your fuel supply (tank).


8. If you still have water in your fuel supply, do not operate engine as damage to fuel injection components will occur.

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