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Don't Get Petrol in Your Diesel Vehicle

Misfuelling Diesel Engines

"Misfuelling costing Australian motorists $10M a year" - www.raa.com.au

Thousands of motorists use incorrect fuel (petrol) in diesel engines.It happens hundreds of times a day. With the increase in diesel car sales it is an increasing problem

What is Diesel Fill?

Incorrect Fuelling
Diesel Engines
Incorrect fuelling has doubled in the last 10 years
Last year thousands of motorists used incorrect fuel (petrol) in diesel engines. It happens hundreds of times a day
With the increase in diesel car sales it is an increasing problem

Why does it happen?
It often happens where a family has more than 1 car
When cars are borrowed or hired
In companies with pool cars or car sharing
Or simply when your mind's on other things

Problem Solved
95% of incorrect fuelling involves petrol in Diesel cars
Petrol permanently damages Diesel engine components
It quickly strips all lubrication from engine and fuel system components
High pressure diesel fuel pumps are susceptible to damage from incorrect fuel (petrol)
Fuel lines and tanks must be drained and cleaned
Expensive diesel parts will require replacement if damaged
Diesel Fill can stop incorrect fuelling

Why Do People Mis-fuel?
Increasing numbers of diesel vehicles are being used in Australia and many households have a mixture of petrol and diesel vehicles.
It is easy for drivers who drive both petrol and diesel vehicles to make the mistake.
A loss of concentration at the pump, a momentary lapse of thought and the wrong fuel is inserted.
Because the petrol nozzle is smaller than the Diesel nozzle it will fit into your fuel tank receiver

What happens when I put petrol in my diesel car?
Petrol will harm your diesel vehicle.
When petrol is added to a diesel
engine the vehicle will stall and
run poorly. You can severely
damage the engine, the injectors
and pump can be ruined and the repair can be very costly.
If you introduce the wrong fuel to
your vehicle DO NOT turn on your ignition, remove your car, to a safe location and drain your tank.

Fit a Diesel Fill now to prevent a re-occurrence.

There is an approved and tested Solution for Diesel Mis-fuelling?
The Diesel Fill physically prevents you from filling your vehicle with the wrong fuel.

The prime reason for mis-fuelling is that the diesel pump filler nozzle is larger than the petrol nozzle. So, both the petrol and diesel filler nozzle will fit.

Diesel Fill has a locking system which will only open when exactly the correct nozzle size is inserted into the receiver. This prevents any access to the fuel tank either to put fuel in or out without the correct nozzle

* Please note that the Diesel Fill will not accept a High flow Diesel Nozzle. 

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Diesel Fill mis-fueling Device, Petrol in Diesel, Incorrect Fuelling
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Diesel Key mis-fueeling Device, Petrol in Diesel, Incorrect Fuelling

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