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Specialist Tools Australia
Responsive Diesel Fuel Lubricant and Conditioner
Diesel Fill Fuel Cap Prevents Miss Fuelling Diesel Vehicles

Responsive Engineering Australia is an Australian company dedicated to finding innovative solutions to complex problems. We develop and manufacture specialist products and diagnostic tools for the automotive industry. We specialise in "Diesel Water Watch", water-in-diesel fuel electronic alarm system and other innovative fuel system products.

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Protection from Contaminated Diesel
Diesel Water Watch WW20072 - Diesel Contamination Protection
Diesel Water Watch WW40072 protection from Diesel Fuel Contamination



how does

it work?

  • Water Watch is a simple and effective fuel alarm, which offers LED & audible warning signals. It works as cheap insurance for your vehicle and help avoid huge repair costs.

  • Ensure your motor runs clean and be warned of any water issues with the innovative water watch.


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Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm

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Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm

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Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm

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Water Watch Water in Diesel Fuel Alarm
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