Complete set for removing Piezoelectric, DELPHI PIEZO and DELPHI DFI
1.5 injectors when combined with the removal fork below

This set is part of a modular system and serves as a
drive tool for various extractors.
Use together with disassembly tools for glow plugs
and injectors.


With the help of various adapters, it is possible to
directly activate injector extraction fasteners,
disassembly tool sealing rings and extraction


Depending on the space and strength requirements,
the sliding rod can be extended and is equipped
with a joint.
Slide hammer: 1.5 Kg
Injectors: Piezoelectric
Models: Mercedes
Engine: 2.1 Cdi
Engine codes: OM 651



Govoni Slide Hammer Injector Removal KIT-GO406

SKU: GO406

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