Specifically for disassembling very stuck injectors, due
to fouling cased by combustion, the injector is locked
and cannot be removed without a proper tool.


The universal supporting feet adjustment, on the
fixing screws of the head ensures its use in
different levels, (L/R) as well as the possibility to adjust
the slippage of the two side bars.


Connectors for injectors included for Mercedes Benz, Opel, FCA Group
(e.g. 1.3 Mj), Suzuki M17x1 for Bosch, M14x1 for Delphi models, Toyota with
adapter M16x1, M20x1 used for the extraction of Denso injectors and finally
M25x1 and M27x1 for Siemens


Govoni Master Injector Extractor KIT - GO405

SKU: GO405

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