Bracket supporting plate with double positioning to
increase the range of removable absorbers
- Brackets system:
the frontal and lateral clamps’ holders provide quick
mounting and dismounting replacement both of the
clamps and of the vice.
- Auto Levelling System:
the two auto levelling upper arms simplify working
on conical and misaligned springs.
- Pneumatic cylinder with safety locking valves
- Foot-pedal and safety guard with safety valves:
the foot-pedal works only when the safety valve is
closed; if it is open the foot-pedal is blocked. Consequently
the machine can be disconnected without
danger giving maximum safety. If the safety guard
remains open, the machine is equipped with a safety
valve that does not allow working operations.
- Aluminium technology:
the cylinder is made in light alloy and nylon resin with
fiberglass avoiding the corrosion and the oxidation of
the parts of the machine.
- Tools Rack:
the machine is equipped with a practical and steady
tools rack.
- Steel knob for the protection cage.
- Metal handles to fix the side arms.
- Protection system (dust cover) to safeguard the
cylinder gasket
Standard equipment
• Basic Unit Force Capacity 2,452 Kg
• Vice clamping jaw for
absorber tube, Ø 40-60 mm
Technical data
• CE approved machine
in compliance with 2006/42/CE
(Machine Directive)
Working pressure:
• max 8 bar
• Cylinder stroke: 330 mm

Additional Brackets & Upper Jaw sets availabe at extra cost. 

Govoni 2.5Ton Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor - GO325

SKU: GO325

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