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Responsive Engineering is an Australian company dedicated to finding innovative solutions to complex problems. We develop and manufacture specialist products and diagnostic tools for the automotive industry.
"From small beginnings grow wonderful ideas"


Responsive Engineering products are directed towards the motoring public, vehicle manufacturers in support of their service networks, large companies, government and non government organisations.

Innovative products and solutions for fuel problems are a focus and we pride ourselves in being adventurous and creative in finding answers to problems that have come about due to the complexity of our modern world.

A key component to Responsive Engineering is the development of specialised filtration components and precise water warning systems for diesel engines.

David, a mechanical engineer, has worked in the diesel repair industry for over 25 years and has designed and built a number of inventions to resolve issues in diesel vehicles, some of these inventions have then been adopted by vehicle manufactures to improve their products and others have become recognised automotive aftermarket accessories.

"Water Watch" was born out of David's concern that as diesel engines where becoming more advanced, their intolerance of diesel fuel contamination, particularly with water, was causing increasingly more vehicle breakdowns with very expensive repair bills. These repairs are not often covered by vehicle warranty or insurance and a Canberra diesel repairer has repaired vehicles which have done less than 1000km, vehicles which have never been off road or even out of town. There was no way of telling if the diesel fuel being used had water contamination.

David tried to find an existing filter or water trap that might protect vehicle owners from fuel contamination, he found that a variety of items (filters, sedimentors and water traps) on the market provided some protection, but there wasn't anything available that could warn the vehicle operator "early enough" to avoid fuel system damage. It wasn't until a friend in the medical field providing disaster support after the 2004 Tsunami raised concerns about generators failing in field hospitals due to fuel contamination, that David seriously tried to design and build something which would warn people of fuel contamination and provide an optional engine shut down for unattended motors such as generators and pumps so that contaminated fuel could be removed without causing any damage.

It has taken a number of years to design and build the electronic sensor and other components of Water Watch which will work effectively in the very high temperatures and fuel pressures of the sophisticated modern common rail diesel systems without impeding the functionality of the fuel system or voiding new vehicle warrantee.

David has gone on to build different models of "Water Watch" to suit different applications, from the small economic car market through to 4 wheel drives, commercial, industrial and marine applications.

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64 Kembla Street Fyshwick ACT 2609

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